How Laboratoire Ariland works

After our marketing and research & development teams finish working on the conception, all our products (Hairgum and K pour Karité) are manufactured and packed in our factory, after which they are sent to our clients in France and abroad.

We value our facilities, and keeping it is our priority. We believe this gives us an edge in a world where everything keeps going faster and faster. We handle every step of the fabrication, from the conception to the commercialization, to guarantee quality and reactivity.

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A few figures about our Laboratory

Laboratoire Ariland today:

- 25 years of experience in product conception for hair professionals

- 15 people with one objective: imagining, conceiving, manufacturing and commercializing high quality professional products.

- 2 brands:

  • A stylish brand, HAIRGUM: working alongside hairdressers for more than 20 years.  Its flagship product: the little wax box.
  • A natural brand, certified organic, K pour Karité: launched in 2007 to bring new alternatives to professionals and offer a high-quality organic range.

- 150 products: hair care, colours and hair styling products, divided in small ranges.

- 2 retail websites: and 2 Facebook pages: Hairgum Page officielle K pour Karité page officielle ; in order to bring our clients closer and be as responsive as possible.


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